Special Thanks 

The development of the PCCC would not have been possible without many people and organizations working together. The team at PCRHP would like to extend a special thank you to our project partners at the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association, Elizabeth Jones, Daryn Eikner, and Callie Wise. Thank you as well to Ilana Silverstein, Edith Fox, Reiley Reed, and Citlali Perez at the PCRHP, whose work made this measure possible. Thank you to all the project leads, staff, providers, and administrators at clinic sites that pilot tested the PCCC measure. Thank you to our Patient Stakeholder Group, whose invaluable input kept us grounded throughout the measure development and testing phases. Finally, thank you to this project’s co-investigators: Danielle Hessler Jones, Kelsey Holt, and Eric Vittinghoff.   

Clinic Spotlights 

Currently, the PCCC is implemented or in the process of being implemented in a wide range of clinic systems and sites with wide geographic representation across the United States. In addition, the PCCC is included in the National Survey of Family Growth to capture a measure of experience of contraceptive counseling at the population level. 

A special shoutout to the clinics participating in the Innovating Contraceptive Care in Community Health Centers Learning Community and their efforts to implement PCCC in their respective settings!