Using the Measure


Surveys are validated for use in English and Spanish (See the PDF below entitled PCCC Survey for Tandem Use English and PCCC Survey for Tandem Use Spanish)


Using the PCCC Scale

  • The PCCC scale is intended to be completed by patients who received contraceptive counseling during their visit. (See the PDF below entitled PCCC Measure Eligibility Guidelines for instructions on how to identify eligible patients to respond to the PCCC scale.)
  • The PCCC scale is given to patients immediately following visits in which they received contraceptive counseling, before they leave the healthcare facility. It may be incorporated into self-administered post-visit surveys using either paper or electronic formats (e.g. via tablet or kiosk). (See the PDF below entitled PCCC Measure Workflow for suggestions for incorporating the PCCC scale into the patient visit.)

Calculating the PCCC Measure Result

  • The PCCC measure result is calculated as the percentage of patients who gave a top score ("5") on all four items on the PCCC scale.
  • The results can be calculated at the individual provider level or at the facility level.
  • The recommended panel size is 50 patient responses at the facility level and 30 patient responses at the individual provider level.

Interpreting the PCCC Measure Result

In an ideal world, every patient would feel comfortable giving their provider a top score on all four items on the PCCC scale. Therefore, there is currently no minimum threshold or guideline for an acceptable PCCC measure percentage. The PCCC measure can be used as a tool to observe patient experience, inform quality improvement efforts, and measure changes in patient experience over time.

Figure 1. Reporting out scores to clinics--Example Report